How to connect to my eufy cam outside my network?

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I would like to connect to my eufy cam outside my home network, can you please advice possibilities how to do it?
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First, a camera outside the eufy network needs an additional home base. You simply add this via the app, with which the camera is then connected. Or you set up the 2nd location (the 2nd home base) via another eufy account and then release it via the app for the 1st account.

I believe the question is how to either live stream or access camera events when not in your “home” (not on home wifi). If that is the question then you need to give the eufy security app on your phone access to cellular. You will then be able to check your cameras while away from home via either any available wifi or cellular signal.


@Andy83 Thank you for letting us know your concern.

For the Homebase setup, hereby attached a few setup tips as the reference:

– How far can the HomeBase be placed from the router?

In theory, the HomeBase can be 50ft from the WI-Fi router. The actual range will vary depending on a number of factors such as the thickness of walls, obstacles inside the house, and the location of the router.

–Should I use an ethernet cable or Wi-Fi connection between the HomeBase and router?

If your HomeBase and camera’s range is within limits and the signal is strong, the default ethernet cable connection is recommended.
If your HomeBase and camera’s range is outside of limits, you can set your HomeBase to Wi-Fi connection. Of course, the corresponding network transmission will become less stable, and the real-time stream may have more delays.

–Does HomeBase have to connect to a router via an Ethernet cable?

During the setup process, HomeBase must connect to a router via an Ethernet cable. After setup, HomeBase can be switched to a Wi-Fi connection in the Side menu > My Devices > Select HomeBase > HomeBase Settings > Connection.

If your question is, you wish to use the eufycam and viewing the recording when you outside the house. You can use the mobile data to view the real-time recording on your app.

Hope this information helps. If you have any further concerns, please feel free to contact us

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Yes I had this working this way and now it has stopped. Anytime I have my phone on any other network than the camera is connected to it says camera is offline.

Anymore info on this. I have been experiencing the same issues. When away from home everything goes offline, doorbell, the indoor cam pan&tilt and the home base. Even when I set up a VPN to my home network it does not work. When I get home, it takes about 5 minutes or so before everything goes back online again. I made no changes to the environment, I share the cams with my wife and on her phone they are also offline. Any ideas/help for this issue?

Edit: when connected to VPN when away from home I am able to connect via rtsp to all cameras. So it’s not an home network issue.