How to connect to existing Amazon account?

I tried several times to connect to my existing Amazon account to use existing skills but somehow this does not work.

When you connect the device you need to login first to Anker and it looks the same email address is also used to connect to Amazon.

If I try to logon to anker with my amazon account details this does not work of course.

Any hints?

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Sorry we didn’t get your question. You don’t need to connect your amazon account to log in the community.

OK let me try to rephrase it… what do I have to do to use Alexa with Roav Viva with my existing Alexa Account from Amazon? I would like to use existing skills and subscriptions.

You need to download and install the Roav Viva app on your Smartphone, connect to Roav Viva device via Bluetooth to the Roav Viva app

If you have app installed and connected to smartphone via Roav Viva app, it will ask you to connect to Alexa Amazon account with a verbal Announcement in the car. Or you may connect it as in below screenshot