How to connect pixel 2Xl and use it for outdoor for movie

I have pixel 2 xl . I want to play videos on Nebula Capsule, but without WiFi as I am planning to take this projector outdoor … I think pixel 2 xl doesn’t support screen mirroring

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Hi Sharon. I think you replied and then deleted the reply. Can you please share it again


Sorry for the confusion. Please refer to our response below:

As Pixel 2 xl supports Chromecast while our Capsule doesn’t support. So it might not be able to screen mirroring from your phone to Capsule directly especially when there is no WiFi.

Would you please try a USB-C to HDMI adapter and an HDMI cable to connect to see if it will work? Or please download the movie to a FAT32 formatted USB drive and then plug the USB drive to the Capsule with an OTG cable to watch movies.

Thanks for your understanding and support! Have a great day!

Anker Community Team

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I had posted similar question… Will Nebula Capsule ever get Native Cast (Chromecast) feature? I know and have tested the Casting app but would be interested to use the Native casting

When I connect Usbc to HDMI cable…there is no option for the video projector…check the screenshot…can you please help me on the same

It won’t let you click on ‘this device’?

It’s not allowing me .

That’s weird, try restarting your phone and try again using a different cable

I tried with restarting…still same issue the cable is new.The cable is Good. Is there any other way??

Did you switch between Android TV and HDMI interfaces?

This is something new . NO . can you tell me how to do it…

Can you post a pic of the remote?

Check the attached images

Can anyone help me with this… or I might ended up returning be this projector.

I figured it out… Pixel 2 XL does not support any alt mode… i tried with other phone, and the moment you connect your phone it start displaying… anyway Thanks all.