How to claim warranty in india if i bought anker soundcore liberty air through

I bought soundcore liberty air from in INDIA.suddenly they stopped working since 5days…i made a call to soundcore customer care and they said that they are not concerned with the warranty for the product obtained from amazon.Then i called amazon customercare regarding my issue and they said that they were not responsible for warranty claims.could anyone help me with this? my left piece is working fine but the right earbud is not at all switching on even after fully charged case.

If the item is not working, you should be able to return it to Amazon if you are still within the return window (which you should be if it has only been 5 days).

If you are not able to return to Amazon, please reach out to


It doesn’t make sense that soundcore customer service would be so rude… as @TechnicallyWell said, try their email address if you get a similar response, you should be able to escalate the case via link in the response email.

Hope you get it all sorted out!

Generally speaking, if Amazon supplied you with a non working unit, your issue is with Amazon.

In the UK, the consumer act says the company whom you purchased your item from is the people you had a contract with to supply you with a suitable working unit.
Within the first 6 months, it is up to the supplier to prove they didn’t provide you with a faulty item.
… But as I said that’s the UK.

Under general internet rules, who you buy from has to supply a working unit according to the description of the item purchased. … So again, it’s Amazon.

I’d email customer service at Amazon, quoting your order number, stating they supplied a non working item, and you want a refund or replacement.

Be polite
Be to the point
And be firm.

Good luck