How to charge Soundbuds slim+

Hi there, I am relatively new to this forum, so pardon me if I post this in wrong category or something.
I have recently bought Soundbuds Slim+ and was curious to know what charger to use with it so that it does not hurt my new earphones.
I have a 5V 2A charger from my samsung phone but I was wondering whether it would be suitable for it or not.

Hi @mohnishsapra and welcome to the community. Using your phone charger mentioned will be fine. The SoundBuds will only draw the power required…


Thanks for the quick and specific reply @ndalby:slight_smile:

I don’t have the Slim+, but I do own the regular Slim & Surge… I charge both with my iphone charger, samsung fast charger, anker car charger, anker powercore 20100, and anker powercore fusion 5000… all seem to work fine.


Thanks, for this info:slight_smile:

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Lol :smile: Welcome to the community!
I use different charger to charge my headphone and nothing happened. So I think you could directly use your phone charger!

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Can I use Anker powerport 2 to charge my soundbuds slim +?

Of course you can, as long as you have a cable. And it would be better if it is Anker as well. :joy: