How to charge a Dell XPS 15 7590 with PowerCore III Elite 25600 60W + PowerPort III 65W Pod

Is there an adapter to charge a Dell XPS 15 7590 laptop with my PowerCore III Elite 25600 60W + PowerPort III 65W Pod? This computer is powered by a typical ac power block that connects to the laptop with a typical round plug.

If it is anything like my XPS 5540 you will be out of luck with any charger that supplies 65W or less. The laptop does not even respond below 65W, its almost like there is not charger at all plugged in. You can test this by plugging in a USB-C power delivery cable to the port on your laptop. If the power is enough it will charge, but if you are too low it will not respond. Switching to a round plug will not work if the USB-C port does not respond either. It is a quirk with the XPS 15’s.

That would make sense from a voltage perspective.

Larger laptops have 19V cells so won’t charge off anything less than 20V.

In Power Delivery 20V only applies from 60W.

If the laptop has a DC DC boost converter inside the laptop so it can accept less than 20V, that adds some cost and some heat do needs laptop fans. So what you’re saying is these Dell don’t have that.

So it’s not so much you need 60W, you need either PD 60W minimum or a lesser non-official IQ3 which still offers 20V, e.g. if Anker makes a 33W Nano which does 20V 1.1A it may work albeit slower.

I wish folks would stop using Watts as a measure of success it’s Voltage first, then Amps.

Consider Voltage like height, the laptop bucket is 19 feet tall and you need to be least that tall to pour anything in. Consider Amps to be how wide is your bucket.

Maybe not, I have 3 Dell power supplies, the 45W version (from my XPS 13), the supplied supply is a 90W equivalent model with 2.1mm ring plug which will work and the 130W USB-C upgrade, the smaller supply will not even register as a supply being installed. Think the manual even states minimum 65W equivalent charge capacity to make it work. I also know that the OEM 65W charger from Dell is not listed as compatible.

Even the Anker 12 in 1 hubs my work has bought will still state “Slow Charging” when hooked up to the 15 inch XPS. Those models are rated for 85W max power minus what the dock will use (say 10 to 12W lost power). The Dell XPS is just finnicky about what it uses and the onboard chipset seems to know what to use and what to ignore.

I understand the argument with wattage and agree it is kind of weird to judge it this way, but it is the easiest way to help others since it is how most things are described using.