How to cast from phone to Nebula capsule without WIFI?

Is there anyway to cast/project things from my phone through the Nebula Capsule if I don’t have WIFI access?? What is the best method to do so?


I looked at the website for Nebula Capsule and it says there are multiple connectivity options: HDMI, USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Chromecast. You can check here and scroll down a little to see it

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I have a Nebula Capsule, I will try to test if I can setup WiFi Hotspot on Smartphone and try to Cast…

Should have an update in next couple of hours

Also reach out to Nebula Support to get official response

Hey @Christy_Cheung

Good news!! You can setup Personal Hotspot on your phone (iPhone) in my case, connect Nebula Capsule to the Hotspot WiFi and do Apple Airplay, this mirrors the Apple iPhone Screen to Nebula Projector as well as plays Videos from the iPhone (tried playing from photos app)

Copyright protected content may / may not play, not tested.

But this is a workable solution!! Found / learnt something new myself today :grin:

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What about Bluetooth connection as it states on the website?

Bluetooth is an interface to control the Nebula Capsule (through Nebula Connect App) for remote OR to play Audio as Nebula Capsule can be used as a speaker.

Bluetooth is not really meant for playing video :grin:

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One other option is use HDMI cable with USB-C / Lightning adapter connector – this is the easiest… Tested this with HDMI cable and USB-C Adapter with Samsung phone.

That trick I used to not lug a laptop around for meeting presentations, I just carried a Chromecast and plugged into HDMI of a meeting room projector and just used Powerpoint on my phone with a Powercore to keep it going.

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This did’t work for me, I don’t see the device in screen mirror, could you please tell me how you did it?