How to Add New Notification Sounds to Eufy Camera App in Android?

I’ve got 10 Eufy cameras and want to have a distinctive notification sound for each. The list of sounds that come pre-installed with the Eufy App are not satisfactory. I have not found a way to use the larger list of Android notification sounds that came with my phone for my individual cameras.
I want to either use the Phone’s Android notifiction sounds or download additional sounds for the Eufy app list. Can anyone help?

You could publish your question here :

@Clyde3 I believe you are limited to the ones within the app.

You could suggest an option to use custom sounds via or on the dedicated Eufy community posted by @Chiquinho

I received a response from There are no ways to either use the standard Android notification sounds for individual cameras nor import external sound files into the Eufy App. The issue will be forwarded to “engineering” . . .
I’ve heard that before.