How to activate Soundcore 2 18-month warranty?

Recently i bought a new Soundcore 2 from ebay and i dont know how to activate the warranty. The anker warranty webpage require a 20-digit security code, but I cant find it on my device.
Then how can I find it ? if you verified your successful, please help me, thank you very much.

Sadly, unless you purchased it through Ankers ebay store them your warranty will not be intact. The warranty is only honored when purchased through authorized sellers. If you did purchase through Ankers ebay store you do not have to do anything to activate the warranty, you would only need to email them and provide your order number and serial number

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Hi @Nhan_Nguyen2,

Just like the instruction said, could you please check again on your product package?

If there is no label on the package, your product cannot be verified.

The security code only applies to products sold in these countries:

Asia: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Maldives, Kuwait, Iran, Israel, Yemen, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Iraq, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Jordan

Europe: Turkey, Albania, Bulgaria, Belarus, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Azerbaijan

Africa: Algeria, Egypt, Lybia, Morocco, South Africa, Tunisia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Mauritius

South America: Paraguay, Suriname

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