How to access all recordings past year on microSD card?

Via the app I can’t retrieve the past recordings. I only have a few days (end april begin may 2020).
How can I retrieve all the rest?
Thank you.

Are you talking about an EUFY camera?
If so tell us more about type or the model.

Yes I am talking about the eufy camera which I bought in 2019.
I inserted a 128gb micro sd card.

Have you tried a smaller one?
This card has to be formatted 32 fat.

I am nog sure I understand your question…
I just want to be able to access the information on the SD card which is in the home base.
I want to transfer it all to my external drive/laptop.
THank you

A lot of recordings are not available in the APP which is strange. SO maybe accessing SD card directly will grant me access to all recordings?

Are you sure that the videos have not been overwritten? Once the card gets full it will start to overwrite the oldest video. And no you cannot access it by putting the SD card into a computer due to its encryption


I am not an Eufy user Rob,
but how a user could create a “visible” library of those recordings,
if a decoding is not possible,

I would like to get such a encrypted recording and try to “treat” it with LINUX :laughing:

It’s encoded by the homebase and can only be retrieved via the app, in which case it’s automatically deencrypted for playback. You can also download those videos but it has to be done one at a time due to it being deencrypted

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Downloading one by one? This is so not user friendly, if I would have known before the purchase, I would never have bought it! Very disappointed and would never recommend it to anyone, would even warn those in need of security to never purchase it!
Are all security camera’s that way???
I also never received a notification saying that the card was full!
I am a disappointed customer. The camera’s are not cheap and I would have expected a better accessibility.

You should’ve done your research

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Another thing to bear in mind based off what has already been mentioned is the class and size of SD card used within the Homebase.

Perhaps @Tank can confirm but I recall 64GB being listed as the max? I’ve seen read/write issues occur for various devices when unsupported (or larger than) media sizes are used.

Correct, from 2 years ago

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@Aurelie what product and home base are you using? I will see if I can get some more answers for you

Max SD card size is 256GB, so he should be good on that front. As far as accessing and downloading the files, due to the encryption they have to be done one at a time.

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Thanks for the confirmation, been a while since I checked the specs.

OK, didn’t know but I remembered as well there was a limit.