How often do the Anker Soundlife Dot 2 change their MAC address?

How often do the Anker Soundlife Dot 2 change their MAC address or are they even using a static MAC address?

Here is an interesting (german) article about the highly problematic privacy implications static MAC address have for bluetooth headphones:

Very interesting.
But the most users can be tracked by their “unsocial media” much easier. :joy:

Not sure if whataboutism is a good response to a security question. And yes, many users have no clue about the implications of their actions.

I wanted to say if you want to “track” someone, there is really no need to do this by the earbuds’/headphones’- mac-address.
This can be made much easier.
Sorry ma answer was sarcastic, please forgive me.

No worries - I am just having a hard time with the statement security is blasted anyways due to xyz so why care about implementing proper security for abc. Following that logic I feel we are all lost. We should rather address one problem after the other and not mix them up and we will be in a better place.

I am in computer science since 45 years, now retired.
So you will understand my answer better.
In 2021 we are much more “developed” than in Orwell’s 1984. :grin:
Enjoy the weekend,

Security is primarily the perception of security. There’s little actual security. For example, a security camera is advertising you have something worth stealing.

I’d not be thinking too much about buds MAC address. You know Anker now knows where you live just by the posting here (unless you have VPN, then they know instead).

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One of the neighbors in the new built houses have installed a security system.
He is a lawyer and he is really snotty.
Its not only me who doesn’t like him as much,
All the others here around are friendly and help each other if there is a need.
That’s a real neighborhood

But going back to the lawyer’s security system.
The car from the “support” company can be seen weekly in front of his house.
Should I now grinning with glee?

Could it be, they installed some bugs, so he needs to call them so often for support?
Who knows.
That’s business. :joy:

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