How many times can I use to charge a handheld game console

Hey guys,

I just backed a handheld game console on Kickstarter, and want to find a power bank with capacity that can charge it 5 times in a row. As the gameplay is really battery consuming.

I think you might have problems like mine, also anyone backed this game console like I do?
Here is if you want to check out—


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If you want to charge it 5 times, you need a power bank of at least 1050 x 5 = 5250 mAh.


That’s pretty neat. Looks like the retro Gameboy but with more buttons :stuck_out_tongue: As for the battery, it really depends on the amount of battery power it needs. But as @Antoine_Turpin stated, looks like you’d need at least 5250mAh. Therefore the Astro E1 6700 or the PowerCore 10000 would do nicely. But of course, you could always get the bigger battery packs. Hope that helps.

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hahah…Neat answer!

Thanks Nhi,I think just go with the 10000mAh one!

Remember that although the battery pack may hold 10000mAh, some of that is lost in transfer. If you really don’t want to run out, do what @Nhi suggests and get a big battery pack. The 20k Powercores are not much heavier/bigger than the 10k ones, but will give you more than enough juice :smile_cat:

As for the console, my “real” one still works so I think I’ll hold off for now :wink: