How many mAh does the new 521 power station have?

How many mAh does the new 521 power station conrain? Also, IS IT PURECSINE?

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This could be best answered by @professor the master of watts & volts.
Btw I suppose you mean “pure sine”. :wink:

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While we could figure out the mAh, it is a worthless number, as that’s not a measure of stored energy. Watts hours = Amp hours x Volts.

They typically use 3.7V cells so we could infer mAh by dividing the Watt hours by the volts.

Yes they typically use puresine.

To really know, email Anker with the questions and return here and paste their reply so the next person knows.

I think most of us here got the Anker email yesterday. Standard recommendation is wait for a few reviews to come in of those with hands-on.

I don’t recommend this kind of product to solve the problem of portable energy. The issue is it is a single item and there’s always a small chance any item fails.

I recommend getting a quantity, say 3, of 26800 type Powercore. I quite like the 20000 PD. Use them normally in life (e.g. use to recharge phone) and rotate through them recharging in turn. That way they are known to be working, and should work 4-5 years typically.

I then have devices which don’t have too high a power need, while I have a laptop I use a larger tablet when relying on batteries, it is happy getting 9V which the 20000 PD outputs. I have fridge-freezer and chest freezer, keep them full, and then I’d eat the contents as they defrost, then onto dried and canned food. I keep solar panel, and gas cannisters and alcohol stove fuel stock. So I can handle the reasonable worst case.

Another advantage of having multiple smaller is it’s portable by hand if you had to flee quickly on foot.

In reality the worst I have ever personally encountered was a 12 hour power outage, and the experience mostly made me invest in rechargeable flashlights. I have 4 LC40, 2 LC90, 2 LC130 to keep the house lit up.

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