How many battery packs do you currently own

I had a discussion with my wife and her father about battery packs and how many we have and why we need so many. So it got me wondering how many does everyone have, be it Anker branded or non Anker, how many do you have and how often do they all get used?

I’m at work right now, but when I get home I will post how many I have. It would be interested to see what the community has as a whole and how we all use them aside from emergencies.


I have a 5000 I won on here I keep in my pocket, an 8000 for my backpack, a 20000 for when those die, and I’m about to get another from an Anker giveaway that is 26800, although I really don’t know what I’m going to use it for.

@580baby What giveaway did you win the 26800 from?

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@elmo41683 given you had one stolen it is good you now have the excess problem.

Define own. I have bought /given many but given many away to friends, family, strangers.

I currently use:

  • Powercore II 6700
  • Powercore Fusion 5000
  • Powercore 26800
  • Powercore 10000
  • Powercore Slim 5000
  • Powercore+ Mini.

They each make sense at different times.

Typed on a 6 year old Nexus 10 with a Powercore 26800 attached.

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Just a small collection at the moment ::

-Anker PowerCore 20100
-Anker PowerCore 5000

Always have one of these with me at all times depending where I am for which size I take on the go.

I would like to add to my collection with one of the Anker PowerCore 10000 range from the original to the new slim versions, does anyone have any suggestions which one to go for?

I probably have 6 or 7 power banks scattered around the home. I’m prepared for the zombie apocalypse! :joy: Actually, I tend to lend them out to neighbors whenever a big storm is in the forecast in case we lose power.

Have several in a drawer and have gifted several more to family and friends…mainly use the PowerCore II 10000 which covers my daily needs…

Rough estimate at the moment;

PowerCore II 10000 - main use
PowerCore 10000 - gifted
PowerCore 20000 - drawer
PowerCore 28600 - drawer
PowerCore Slim 5000 - gifted x3
PowerCore Mini + 3350mAh - gifted

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I have two as I type this. Two years ago, I got an email from Anker offering me a free gift for purchasing at least one of their products that year. I chose a PowerCore 5000. While I waited for that (well, we all waited longer than we thought for our free gift that go-round), I bought a PowerCore 10400 because why not? They have served me well! I had a 3350 mAh bank from another company and that thing got HOT when I used it. When the 10400 came, I passed it on to my father.


I have a of chargers.

Anker PowerCore 5000
Anker PowerCore+ mini 3350
Anker PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C

Then I have 5 other power banks from other brands. I use all my chargers weekly and find that you can never have to many chargers. :grinning:

One, the mini.

The second was stolen from my doorstep, cos it wasn’t delivered properly.

I used my 150 from the 2 year anniversary.

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Yes I am very thankful to be able to have more now after that whole scenario.

I did end up buying the same battery pack that got stolen, Walmart had a few on clearance and I snagged it for 17 bucks

My current battery pack arsenal comprises of:
2x Anker power core 10000
1x Power core II 20000
1x Power core + 20100 USB-C
1x Power core 13400 Nintendo Switch edition
1x Power core Speed 10000
1x Power core Lite 10000

2 x zero lemon 15000…these are so old I’m surprised they still work. But they have fallen off a 4th floor balcony into concrete and still kicking so I guess that’s why I still have them.
1 off brand wireless batterypack I was asked to do a review for, this one is 13080 mah

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WoW, you think you’ve finished.

I feel quite incomplete, with my 1mini! lol

In total, as of right now, I own 4 power banks. They are all Anker too. My first power bank was the Anker PowerCore 13000 which I bought to keep my phone charged while playing Pokémon Go. It would last the whole day even though the battery on my phone was crap. Later, I got the PowerCore 5000 as a thank you gift from Anker, which I actually loved since it was smaller and lighter to carry when I didn’t need too much power. I also have the PowerCore 15600 for when I take trips, since it can last me a few days. I recently bought the PowerCore Lite 10000 as well, just because it is slimmer as well as lighter to stay in my pocket & has a good amount of power.

I would say of all of these, the ones I would have to say are my favorite to carry are the PowerCore 13000 or PowerCore Lite 10000 due to the weight and the good amount of power they both hold, not too little power and not too heavy. I have also gifted 1 PowerCore 5000, a PowerCore 13000, & bought a Blackweb one for a gift exchange.

I have an Anker PowerCore 26800 that I use only for long travel and camping. I also have a BeatIT Teach 500A peak 10800 car jumper that has come in handy more than I can count, but it’s old and I can tell the battery is going downhill. I would like to replace it with a Anker product, but am not sure if Anker makes any car jumpers. I also want to get a smaller compact Anker that’s easy to carry around daily. I’m often around town and my iPhone battery dies. I’d like to plug in my phone, toss it in my purse, and run into the store without worrying about my battery. I’d probably charge my phone from 0% to 100% once a day. I just don’t want to charge the battery pack everyday.

Anker does make a portable jump starter, there are 2 different version sizes. There’s a 400 and an 800 amp version 800amp


Thanks! I will check it out.

Which had been on sale last week for the Jumper Pro

Check out if the code still works. Those codes tend to be quantity limited not time limited.

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2 just in case one dies