How many base stations? Doorbell and cam 2c

I’ve bought the eufy cam2c package with 2 cameras and the base station.

I’ve also had to buy the doorbell its base station is well…(only option in the U.K!)

My question is do I need to have two separate stations or can i just use one of them for both devices I.e. camera and doorbell.

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I wanted to buy the Doorbell but already have the 2c with homebase too. Wondering the same as you.

@Naweed_Rahman You should be able to run both from the same Homebase (if operational range is not an issue for you).

Eufy is planning to launch the add-on version of the Doorbells without the Homebase in the next few months[1]. I don’t think I can wait, so I’m gonna buy the battery-powered doorbell this month. Slightly annoyed because I’m gonna have an extra Homebase …

The only upside to having 2 Homebases is that each Homebase has 16GB storage, so the Doorbell will have its own 16GB and the eufycams will have their own 16GB. But then if/when Eufy updates the firmware to enable the USB on the Homebase to use external storage, this advantage basically goes away.


[1] See the top question in the Q&A section:

Hey @Naweed_Rahman!

Please noted that each Homebase can be paired up to 16 cameras and 16 entry sensors.

In this case, you can definitely run the Video doorbell and 2C on the same base station.

Hi Anker,

So when will this add on doorbell be in europe?