How many Ampere does Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 PD provide?


i bought the Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 PD to power the Rodecaster Pro, which needs at least 2,4A. The Anker charger that i usually use does not have PD, which seemed to be a showstopper and lead me to buy this one. However, I’m still not successful in starting up the Rodecaster. After connecting the cables (all four LEDs still are blue) and switching on the Rodecaster, the lights on the PowerCore go dark and nothing else happens.
The PowerCore Essential 20000 PD could provide 5V/3A, so in theory i’d expect it to work :frowning:

Does anybody have any ideas what to do or what the reason could be, that it’s not working?


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Power Delivery is a negotiation, it will only deliver what the device has confirmed it can accept. If it does not see a negotiation it only offers 5V 2A.

Sounds like your Rodecaster is not negotiating Power Delivery? If it does not then it is getting offer 2A, not your stated minimum 2.4A.

You should consider a non-PD 2.4A - 3A 5V alternative. Anker does sell some Powercore which do 5V 2.4A, non-PD. For example this is 5V 3A from single port non-PD.

Alternatively, you can use an inline PD trigger, it does the PD negotiation and then passes what is received through. That is more complex and adds cost.


Thanks a lot for your advice! Sounds like a reasonable explanation for my problem.
I was split 50/50 between the one i bought ad the PowerCore 26800 :see_no_evil:

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