How long have you been with Anker and what was your Best/Favorite Anker product?

Hi Guys,
I want to find out what is your favorite Anker product and how long have you guys had your products. For me I’m a hoarder so i Have 2 x 10000mah anker astros and 2x 20000 power cores. The next one im going to get is probably the 26k one XD but sadly i missed the 100 codes for 50% off… =/

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I have been with anker for about 6 months. I have a 5200mah astro, a 5 port usb hub, and bluetooth earplugs

oh cool i never tried their ear plugs before how are they?

Two years I have two 26K chargers. I honestly never have to charge them. They are perfect and stand up pretty well to the elements in Alaska

I have been with Anker for a few weeks and love it!

woah i need to get those 26k ones
haha yeah i have the 20k one and it keeps me topped uo during the weekends XD
learned something new ankers will survive the cold

Awesome welcome to Anker!
I’ve been with them for around 2-3 years lol
Their support is top notch! if you have any problems along the way just email them and they’ll take good care of you =)

They’re great. The only gripe that I have is the fact that the cable isn’t flat.

2 years now, and after starting out with a moved up from a Power Drive 2 to a Power Drive 2 +. Stupidly fast charging.

Hey all,
Been using Anker Products for about a year or so. Right now I’ve got:

Powercore 20100 - Main pack for traveling
13000 mAh Battery Pack (I think I got this before the Powercore branding started) - This is mostly used as a backup
Powerport 4 - Use it for traveling for the family
Powerport 5 - Use it by my nightstand to charge phone, iPad and Watch
Powerport 5+ USB-C - Use it in my laptop bag

Nice @Novaj9 how are the powerports? i was thinking about getting one of those but didnt know which one to get…