How long does support get back to you?

hi there,

new to this forum. I’m in the UK summited a support request for my Robovac 30c Sunday evening around 8pm.

I didn’t receive an email confirming my request (not sure if they send out emails). So I was wondering how long they get back to people.


Sunday is Sunday!
Even the support need some time to relax. :grin:

Give them a little more time.
They will answer you of course.


Hi @john123.

Welcome to the community buddy! I’m also from the U.K., whenever I’ve needed to contact support I’ve had a reply within 24-48 hours time. I think last time I did I got an email confirming that my message had been received and gave me a unique ticket number.

If you haven’t received anything by tomorrow or Thursday I’d consider sending it again.

What is the problem that you’re having with your Robovac?


Yes, could you tell us here what your question is.
May be we can help you as well. :wink:

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The email is if you’ve entered that correctly. :wink:

Anker almost never replies to you on Sunday. If they don’t get back to you by tommorow evening than you should probably try to contact them a different way.

Support usually gets back within same day or next business day, have received pretty prompt response from Anker and Roav support teams.

Again Saturday and Sundays are to be exceptions, we and they need to are some rest :slight_smile:

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Wow, glad to see so many Supporters for @AnkerSupport :bow:


You get a email in a few days. Just be patient

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Even a perfect support needs a support! :joy:

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My experience with support for Eufy RoboVacs is they respond with about 24 hours during the week but over weekends I guess they are taking a well earned break.