How long does battery charge last?

I just bought the Anker Powercore II 20000 charger. When that is fully charged, how long will it keep its charge if I don’t use it? I love these products. They are made well and seem to perform so much better then any other.

Thank you.

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This will mostly depend on temperature you store it at.

If you keep it in a fairly constant cool but not cold then it will hold charge for longer. The more you allow it to get hot in a room say in summer in a draw getting hot in sunshine, and then in getting cold in winter, then the more the chemical energy gets lost and the maximum capacity becomes lowered.

Assuming you keep it in a cool, non-hot, non-cold situation, I suggest 1% -2% a month loss.

Some losses are temporary, some losses are permanent.

If you are interested in lowering the permanent loss then store it partially charged, in the 50% region, then fully charge it before depending on the full charge. The battery will then age slower.

Hence it depends on your need. If have a need for planned power then storing half-charged and then fully charging before use will work best, if you have a need for unplanned power then storing fully-charged will age the battery faster.


Can’t really add more than what @nigelhealy has said.

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