How I Discovered Anker

My first Anker product was a Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker that a friend bought for me as a birthday gift, a couple of years ago. I love it. I drive an older van and I like to play audiobooks and music from my phone. Cargo vans aren’t the quietest vehicles and it was hard to hear the words through the phone. The older van doesn’t have bluetooth capabilities. So, the Soundcore Bluetooth speaker was perfect for me. I load up my phone with audiobooks and music. I do art fairs around the country and drive up to 1400 on a trip. It makes the trip go a lot faster.

I had always bought cheap car chargers and was never satisfied with them and they always fell apart after a month or two. I decided to buy an Anker PowerDrive two port car charger. It is great. I’ve had this one for over a year. I keep my phone charged when driving and I also keep the Soundcore speaker fully charged.

Last November, I was sent an offer by Anker to pre-purchase a wifi charger for I-phone 8’s. I bought one for myself and one for each of my 3 brothers. That’s 3 different Anker products that I am extremely happy with. I’m thinking about taking advantage of the latest offer, getting the USB C charger. There are times when I need a quick charge with my Square contactless chip reader that has to be fully charged to work.


Wi-Fi charger or wireless charger?

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Probably auto correct happens to me all the time, drives me nuts.

Yeah, the chargers are great! The only reason why I keep buying the car chargers is because my friends keep taking them, they love them so much! I have the USB type-c cables and love them. The nylon braided ones last much longer than the others. Welcome to the family!

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SWEET :sunglasses::sunglasses::heart_eyes: WELCOME TO THE ANKER GANG :dark_sunglasses::grin::smiley::smile:

Amazon is how I fell in love with Anker :heart_eyes::kissing_heart::revolving_hearts::heart_exclamation: