How have you convinced your friends/colleagues to switch to Anker products?

With all of the different cable and portable battery/charger companies on the market, it seems to be a hard choice for some to choose between them all. How have you shown colleagues/friends/family members/random people how Anker products excel above all others?

I work at an IT hosting company, so technology is ever present in my workplace. Many people have different brands of usb hubs, cables, battery packs, car chargers, etc. When I put my 4 Port USB Hub on my desk, many people who use Mac’s were asking how I liked it because they only have 1 USB port available. I could not help myself to say that it was by far the best thing I have come across and go into the spiel about everything I own (countless cables, Power Drive+ car charger, Power Core Mini, Power Core 20000) and how I have never had an issue and how quick the charges are.

Over the past 3 years I know I have influenced at least 30 people into buying Anker products “in real life” and a further 15 or so via twitter, forums etc on the internet. Who knows how many more have read my ramblings and went out and bought stuff without telling/thanking me! :slight_smile:
Generally I always have a PowerCore with me, the Asrto series looked very much like an external HDD and during meetings people would ask why I had my phone plugged into a hard drive. I then explain and a sudden realisation dawns on peoples faces and they end up asking me for the link to buy one as they realise it is the thing they should already have.

I work in IT for a large research institute, with people flying all over the globe. They are pretty good at asking for IT advise on everything, so recommending Anker to them is relatively easy for me. They are always needing power and usb hubs for traveling!

I have convinced them how others convinced me:) Quality and durability:)

Typically, whenever I pull out an Anker power bank for a friend, they will ask “where can I get one?”. They basically sell themselves!

I have a couple friends who now only use Anker products after their other cheaply made battery charger products failed. They love them and I personally will not buy anything else.

I have convinced 20+ friends to switch or purchase. Love the quality and customer service.

I have convinced friends and family to try Anker power banks. I have two and will be gifting more to friends and family for Christmas. My fifteen year old daughter doesn’t go anywhere without hers! Lol. Very pleased with the quality and performance of these portable power banks. Will never use another brand.

I have friends over a lot, and occasionally my battery charger out. When hurricane Matthew hit, I offered to charge my friends’ devices with my battery charger. It worked great, and charged their stuff quick! They were impressed.

Let them test it. I have one for the garage/gym and they are always asking if I have it because of how fast it charges. Think of a lunch break and the limited amount of time.