How good is the Soundcore Flare if I need it to be directional?

Basically the title, I recently ordered the Soundcore Flare and chose it because its 360 degree audio, but I was wondering if it can also be used well for directional audio. One of my main speaker uses is I put it on a ledge and play ping pong, was wondering if it will still be loud enough since it cant really be pointed at us. If not I would probably pick up a Motion B speaker to compliment it! Thanks for the help

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While this speaker offers 360 degree sound, it can still be directed at the user.
As you can see there is a speaker and bass port on opposite sides so you can aim it as you or wherever and still benefit from the spund and its 360 sound

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That’s awesome, seems like the best of both worlds! Hopefully my neighbor likes my music too, if its too loud

Of course the speaker offers a directional sound as well.

You can use it directionally, but remember that it is a stereo speaker with a left and right channel. What this means is that you may notice some imperfections in your music if the front is not facing you, instead you will hear more of the left or right channel depending on which side is directed towards you. But most people wouldn’t notice that and you probably won’t either.