How durable is the Soundcore Nano?

I just won the Soundcore Nano from the 7 Days of Giveaways contest & I’m looking forward to getting it. Though I’m wondering how durable it is. I haven’t really seen anyone talk in reviews about it, so should I be extra paranoid about dropping it?

I’ll be using it home to listen to music & podcasts, but I have tile covering the whole downstairs which is where it’ll be used. I’m a bit clumsy so I might drop it once or twice maybe. If its dropped will it be fine? Or should I make sure to be extra careful with it like with my PowerCores?


Well it is made from Aluminium, so it should be able to take a few good knocks, but as with anything enough force will cause damage to either the device, or whatever you device hits (like tiles being cracked). It does have a wrist strap so you could always secure to something (like your wrist when moving :grin:) to prevent accidental drops.

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Thanks for the input. :slight_smile: And yeah I figure it being made from aluminium would make it a bit sturdy but wanted to be sure. I’ll make sure to be careful with it since I’ll be using it often!

…I don’t know what a link to a picture of a rubber band ball is supposed to mean? Did I miss a joke?

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You can always make something more durable than it is. Either case or just lots of elastic bands (was my point).

Ohhh I see. lol