How does the points program equate to dollar value?

Couldn’t find this information, thanks!

I think it’s based an old system called Anker Bucks, which could be traded in for Amazon vouchers. I believe this is no longer the case and points are only relevant for giveaways and general kudos.

No one knows as Anker hasn’t fully made their position clear on how ‘Anker bucks’ or points are going to be used going forward, outside of competition prizes and factoring ranks/levels.

Its all a mystery at the moment!

I am anxious to find out.

Points make prizes. Good game good game!

Me too… good question…

Ankerbucks are better than no bucks!

So I asked a close friend who works at Anker, they said … 320 points = 320 actual bucks … it’s going to be a REALLY good year you guys.

Ok, just kidding … if we’re going to theorize, I’ll start with something more realistic … 350 points = tree fiddy.

Wow, so no one knows but we are all here making posts frivilously to collect these magical points… Maybe someone from anker can respond?