How does someone know how long it takes for a full charg of the anke miny.Ihave admyne charger charging for approximately 45 minutes and it is currently still the same color a it was when I took it from the box it came in originally

can someone please help me answer my question about how long it take to fuly charge the anger minie after receiving the item frome originally the first time that I put it to charge the device up completely.

I have noticed that it has a lot to do with both the cable as well as the charging block you are using to charge it. Depending on which model you are referring to, it varies for the amount of time it takes to get it back up to a full charge.

My 20400 takes almost 7 hours with a fast charging block and a 3ft cable whereas my 10000 takes 2 hours or so to get back to a full charge. If I use a run of the mill charging block that came with some peripheral, I usually see it take twice as long if it ever gets past the initial first light.