How does remote streaming work with local storage?


I would like to understand how the remote (e.g. not on the same network, let’s say on 4G) live streaming and video viewing works with Eufy Cams.

I can see 3 possibilities of how it can work:

  1. The base station streams from the local network (and if so, how can it possibly open the right ports/route the traffic etc).
  2. All the videos always get uploaded somewhere from the base station so that they are not bound by the security/restrictions of the local network.
  3. When the streaming is requested from an app (live or not), the videos are uploaded somewhere and the app gets access to it temporarily.

Can someone please explain in details how it works (please feel free to go as technical as you can)?

Thanks in advance.

Perhaps @AnkerOfficial or @AnkerTechnical can give an official response on the technical backend but unless you are storing in the cloud the recorded Homebase videos are not uploaded anywhere (that I am aware)…

Essentially in simple terms (and this is purely my own take / deduction on this based on similar tech) your Homebase is to all intents and purposes is pointed direct to the Internet (unless you are behind a locked down network, both ports, URL’s and IP’s) using it’s own firewall to protect the local contents. Once you have linked your Homebase and Eufy Security app to your Eufy account, it allows a secure route to your locally stored footage…for playback on a signed in device…

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