How does eufy robovac find home?

My robovac has been working for 2 years. Nothing has changed in the room but it now can’t find the home base even if it’s directly in front of it. Maybe a sensor is dirty?
If I know how it it supposed to find the base I might be able to fix it?

There is a big sensor in the front bumper. Works via infra red.
Make sure this bumper is absolutely clean and not scratched.
If scratched you could polish it by using a polish for plastics.
( I do this from time to time)

@anker208 Mine was doing that not too long ago as well. I just did what @Chiquinho suggested. I cleaned off the front of it as well as the sensor on the docking base. Then I just went ahead and took as much of the vacuum apart as I could to clean out all dirt, dust, hair, and debris. Works great again now.

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I clean “old Willy” always very properly.
But when we did his surgery last summer, there was such a lot of debris inside, really incredible.
The opening is really easy :

But please dont threw the screws in such a unprofessional way around!
Use small bowls to make distinctions of the different screws and write
down were those were located. :wink:
When the fellow is finished the screws are anywhere.
He is really more than a perfect “engineer”! :rofl: