How does Anker compare to other similar companies?

How do you guys feel Anker compares with other similar companies? Where is it better? Where is it worse?

OVERALL I feel Anker is a great company. They have a stellar lineup of products and their products are high quality, they’re by no means cheaply made, and they stand by their warranties. They genuinely care about their products and the concerns placed upon them. If I had to give a ding on them, it’d just be that, up until now I haven’t felt a personal connection with Anker. Yes, there’s Rosa from their Customer Service department, in a way I’ve seen her as a focal point for the company. But with this grand opening, recharge if you will, of their community section, that could all change! They need a spokesperson to present these products, but maybe they don’t need one, maybe their marketing formula of having us do that for them is sufficient! But you know what I mean, like Major Nelson from Xbox, he’s been with Xbox for years, and he’s constantly in touch with their audience, even has a podcast, he’s all over YouTube, everyone knows him as the XBOX GUY. So, it’d be kinda cool to have an official Anker-ite as the face of their company. It’d just be neat.