How do you you use your Eufycam entry sensors?

I used one of my sensors on my main two car garage door, part of sensor on the door and other part on wall next to track. When the the door goes up I get notified my garage door is open, and notified when it closes.
Not only is this handy but its also a quick way to check “did i close the garage door when i left the house”, since you can open app and see the open/closed status of the sensor.
I use the other sensor on a back sliding door.
With the magnetic and sticky mounting options it really works out well.

I am interested if anyone is using theirs in a unique way,rather than just standard doors.?


I intended to use it exactly the same way. I have other sensors (came with home security system) already installed on my main and patio doors, so I know if they are open. Garage door notification was missing and when I decided to take Eufycam, planned to throw in the sensor so I can use it for garage. I am in the same boat, turned around few times to double check if the garage door was closed. Now this sensor will be handy to verify that.
I just got the delivery yesterday, will install the sensor soon.

That’s a very genius idea, but what happens if you’re at work and think. “Oh nuggets!, I think I forgot to shut the door” Check the app, and sure enough you did. How will you close it? Have to leave work, have a friend or neighbor come by?

I was very clumsy and forgetful, this would constantly happen to me. I took our old Chamberlain garage door opener and added a MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener.

This way when your inkling is correct, you can actually close it remotely. Live saver!

I just installed a new Chamberlain that has all the bells and whistles and includes the Wifi portion. I would highly recommend their system. Works with IFTTT, wink, nest, etc .

Although, yours is probably a cheaper fix and a quick safety/sanity check. Good idea!

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I agree, will definitely consider one with all the bells when I go for an upgrade. For now, at least I can see if it is closed or not. There is no retrofit available for my old garage opener.

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Would you mind sharing pictures? I’m struggling to show how you positioned the sensors? Thanks!