How do you use your Anker?

Thinking more about accidental drops, it seems that maybe there are two sets of users of Anker external batteries. The first use their anker to charge their phone and leave both sitting on a surface. The second use their anker on the go, plugged into their phone, but continue to use the phone.

I think the second group should be better catered for as it is they who are more likely to drop their anker. An external Anker case with a belt clip would be great.

How do you use your Anker external battery?

The Powercore Slim basically held next to the phone against its back and held as one thicker device

The Powercore 10000 when resting on a surface or in a bag.

I have accidentally dropped my phone, so keep phones in cases.

I have never accidentally dropped Anker batteries.

I use mine while I am using my phone, mostly in the car or when I am walking, I kind of like the idea about a belt clip for Anker and I feel it wouldn’t or shouldn’t be that costly.

I charge my iPhone 5 & Nexus 6P using Anker Products.