How do you talk yourself into buying something?

So I’m wondering, how does everyone taks themself into buying anker products? I want to pull the trigger on three items

  1. LC90 flashlight
  2. Soudnbuds (not sure which model yet)
  3. A battery pack (again, not sure which model)

None of these things do I necessarily need, I just want them. I have a battery pack, earbuds and a flashlight, none of them are Anker Brand though. I have enough money to buy them.

I keep just telling myself that I work hard, and save money aside to buy myself nice things I want.

What do you tell yourself to justify your frivolous purchases?


When I think about buying something, it’s because I need it. I do look at things that I might need later but don’t think about buying them until I really NEED them. Whenever I do need something, I look at products I need regardless of the company and decide the overall package at the end of the comparison.

When I try to treat myself, I would buy things that I can use for a long time. I also keep in mind how much that product costs and try to see if that purchase is justifiable or not. For example, I was going to buy one of the expensive Fitbit or Apple Watch but decided not to because I didn’t feel like spending that kind of money for something I didn’t need yet.


Well, I’m not talking about something that I need. That’s exactly the point. I haven’t bought myself something just to treat myself in probably 3-4 years.

How do you talk yourself into buying something just as a treat?

Well since you haven’t bought yourself anything for 3-4 years, then that’s a good enough reason as is :joy:. No need to justify a reason.


Not that I haven’t bought anything, just nothing frivolous :grin:

I think I’m going to order the stuff I want :wink:

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I usually don’t listen to the voice of reason in my head. :joy: if I want something and have the money spare for it I’ll just buy it.

At the end of the day you can’t take money with you so you might as well enjoy it whilst you’ve got it. :wink:

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Have I already got one n does it work?

Do I really need one?

Can I justify the price?

Could I win it?

That’s what I go through before I get something.



So according to you I shouldn’t buy it :joy:

I’m looking at a wireless charger for the front room, I don’t NEED one, but cos I have a limited time Amazon voucher, I’m looking to spend it? lol

The wireless stand which is best for Samsung Galaxy S10 plus, with smart charge?

I think I’m going to order the stuff. I I’m definitely getting the flashlight. Since shipping is free if I buy the other stuff I guess I have to buy it too :man_shrugging:


I don’t know why it’s so difficult for me to decide to buy stuff :joy:. I feel like no one else has this trouble :joy:

If you have the money for it just treat yourself. Nothing wrong with that. I like to save my money but there are times when I just want certain item, I try to put it off and if days later I still want it, I just go ahead and get it :sunglasses:

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I’ve been wanting this stuff for a while. It’s all in the “certified used” section right now so it’s cheaper. That’s what makes right now ideal.

How much would it be total?

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LC90 Bolder flashlight $15.99
Soundcore Soudnbuds Spirit X $17.99
Anker powercore 13000 $23.99

Total after tax: $61.45

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So there is a Milwaukee Cordless Impact Gun I been wanting, it’s usually 300 dollars by itself, plus batteries and charger adding another 150 bucks. I been wanting this for a long time and I came across a deal that had the impact gun, 2- 5 amp hour batteries, a dual charger, and a work light , and a set of impact sockets all for 450 dollars… I weighed my options and just pulled the trigger after a week of going back and forth. I’m glad I did because I needed the impact gun working on my car. Not to mention the savings from the combo kit.

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Hell just order it man :+1:

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I think the better question is how to talk yourself out of buying something! :fearful:


Have bought too many electronic stuff, now try to convince myself why I should not buy things

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Pretty much the standpoint for most Anker fans…too many goodies to buy :laughing:

@Anjou1888 Thought you had already pulled the trigger on the LC90?