How Do You Maintain A Healthy Weight?

Whether you want to get fit for the new year, look hot on vacation or just lose a few pounds, most of us have tried to lose weight at some point in our lives. Dieting is the most common method, but that’s not necessarily the best way to get long lasting results. Diets create temporary eating patterns—and therefore, temporary results. As a result, most of us will gain back the weight we lost after we return to our old eating habits. So, in order to maintain a healthy weight we should combine healthy eating with exercise.

From my personal experience, using the Eufy BodySense Smart Scale to measure my weight and BMI is really helpful and is one of the things that keeps me motivated!

So, what are your tips for losing weight, getting fit or improving your diet? Don’t be afraid to share your stories with us, we’d love to hear from you!



We shall see. Starting a new “healthy lifestyle” plan on Monday. Hopefully I can gain more energy and change for the better.

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I always find it useful to sign up to something, whether that be a 6 month gym contract, a 10k run or something similar.

4 of my friends have just signed up to a 6 month programme from a local gym where they get free access to the gym and classes in return for promotion of the facility etc. Think I’m gonna have a blast on that for the next session.

Then I can truly put the body scale to test :slight_smile:

Walk a dog. If you don’t have one find a neighbor who cannot and help.

Help a neighbor with gardening.

Get rid of the car, bike or walk.

Backpack shop daily, or on way home from work walking or cycling.

Replace high calorie density foods like processed meat with low density foods like fruit or vegetables. These fill the belly and give something else for your mouth to do.

Avoid alcohol, and sugary drinks.

Learn a new skill, it helps keep the mind occupied. A really good one is Einstein General Relatively, followed by Inflation Theory. Or a new language. Or a musical instrument.

Overall these will lower weight, and remove many of the causes of overweight like bad diet, depression, and have long term physical and mental health.


I wake up at 5:30am to get a 30 minutes workout 5 days a week( before my kids wake up and I have to get them ready for school) monday, Wednesday, Friday I do my upper body and Tuesday and Thursday I do lower body. I drink protein shake before my workout. I drink mostly water throughout the day.I still eat what I want but i eat smaller portions to enable to body to digest the food more quickly. My goal is to build lean muscle and tone out and not get big (5’ 6) don’t want to look shorter than I already am😂. Also want to work on strengthening my core so Pilates is my next adventure. I do this not only for myslef but to ensure that I live long enough to enjoy my kids growing up and seeing my grand kids (thinking ahead). The most I’ve weighed is 165lbs but I’ve got down to fortunate to have a very active metabolism. Everyone is different and not all methods work on everyone else but best wishes on those who are trying to stay healthy because you only live once and might as well try to live long enough to enjoy.


it’s simply: i didn’t! :joy:


I wake up early so I can have a cup of coffee and get my workout in while I still have a caffeine buzz. :coffee: :muscle: If I don’t get my workout done first thing in the morning, something always seems to interferes with getting it done later in the day.


I normally aim for 4-5 30 minute HIIT workouts a week, some purely cardio, some resistance (added weights) and on occasion some yoga or kickboxing thrown in (for variety). Always finish off with a low carb protein smoothie, normally vanilla and frozen cherries, which helps with lean muscle feed and repair.

As for food and drink…plenty of fruit, veg and quorn (or lean meats) during the week, washed down with water / no sugar sodas / black coffee / green tea etc . Alcohol normally avoid during the week (unless its the holidays).

Always make sure to have the weekend as free days, so alcohol, pizza and the bad stuff can at least be indulged in (but not excessively, well maybe the alcohol :grin:)


Small healthy meals through out the day


Fresh whole foods, fruit veggies salad lots of water limit bread and cut out soda completely. I droped 15 lbs doing this and never worked out :sunglasses:


I work two jobs now, one is overnight and I usually leave that job for the next to work a 5 or 8 hour shift. I don’t have much time for anything else besides sleep and bringing my son to soccer games.

But I have managed to lose weight because I cut out most sugary drinks and I drink a ton of water throughout the day. I also stopped smoking and I haven’t had an alcoholic drinks in over a year. So I’m doing good in those regards, now I just need to focus on eating more veggies and making time for the gym or some form of cardiovascular workout

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In 2013, I lost about 30 pounds with the help of plenty of exercise, drinking a lot of water, and increasing the amount of fruit and veggies I ate. I had an allergy test done, and it turned out that I’m allergic to milk, so I cut WAY back on dairy, too.


I usually manage 5 workouts a week, usually cardio based, mainly running and cycling. That combined with a more healthy diet (I must eat more veg though!). Now I have the awesome Eufy BobySense Smart Scale, monitoring my stats is so much easier with my progress recorded on the app - it really does help keep you motivated and I’ve lost 8 pounds in last 6 weeks. Can’t recommend these scales enough, a great device :thumbsup: :smiley:


I hope that was false. If not then you shouldnt put yourself down like that. Humans are beautiful in their own ways. And we are all unique which is even more beautiful. We all have struggles and weight shouldn’t be one that makes you depressed. So cheer up buddy live life and be happy! :relaxed:


My weight doesn’t make me depressed, it’s just an additive along with depression. But thanks for the concern, have a nice night :slight_smile:

i try not eat at night and not look at how much I weight but last time I checked my how much I weighed I was around 175 and I recently checked the other day since my sister left a weight thing and I was super surprised I couldn’t believe that I dropped a few pounds now I’m at 160 lbs only when i have a big lunch or dinner I weight around 165-167 :pig::pig::pig:

That’s great news @Mark_Dunsmore :+1: Might I ask: How long did it take to be rid of that 30?

Great post and excellent sources @AnkerOfficial :+1:

My question is for anyone that has knowledge of, or has experienced an increase in their “set” body weight and successfully lost weight despite it: How do I go about getting past the hurdle of a set weight so that my body can transition into the mode of losing weight?

Any information, links, success stories, whatever you can think of: please share. Lord knows I need it :relaxed:


The best thing I’ve found for a weight plateau is to make a significant change in my workout to keep the body guessing.
For example, if one is mainly using an elliptical for weight loss, the body will likely adapt to that workout over time and it will become less effective. Alternating the elliptical with a treadmill or weight training, for example, can help.

Here’s a good article for some more tips: Resolved to Lose Weight? 10 Ways to Make It Work