How do you get to Flashlights from

Not under protection or interfaces. Would never know they existed.

Also when will the new LC40 be in UK?

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It’s under home improvement

It seems odd at first but given the categories Anker has it makes sense!

Why not call it “lights” ?

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Not my forum or design, but imo it’s in the right place that makes sense based on the other names

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Will be a few weeks at least I would guess but I want one myself for my work bag :slight_smile:

Failing categories, there’s always the search box…

Hi @jodiefunnee, the Amazon UK Anker storefront can be found here…
Then just type what your looking for in Anker store search box at top (flashlight)
I agree the website should have a ‘Flashlight’ category, I wouldn’t have thought to look under home improvement!

Home improvement is make your home outdoors?