How do you charge a MS Surface Book?

I have a 26800 but cannot find power cord that is USB to MS Power Connect. Is it possible to charge a Surface Book with MS’s proprietary magnetic plug?

I’m sorry to say but I don’t believe they make a USB based charging cable. If you look at the output specs for the included charger it appears to provide 15V to the surface. Even if you were to somehow make a USB cable yourself you wouldn’t get the proper voltage required.

Try searching for “AC outlet power bank” on Amazon there are plenty of options. Then you will be able to use your home charger on the go.

Another company has made the appropriate usb-c to proprietary Microsoft Surface charging cable. Here is a description and a link to Amazon. I REALLY hope that Anker will make one because I’d rather buy from a company that I respect and am familiar with.

J-Go Tech Surface to USB C | 15V PD Charging Cable | Compatible with Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Pro 5 Pro 4 Pro 3, Surface Book, and Surface Laptop (Cable Only)