How do Macs compare to Desktops?

Which one is more effective? Quicker? Stronger? More battery life?

What? Are we just talking in general, Macs and Windows? It really just comes down to user preference. Growing up I used Windows, and still enjoy Windows. I’ve used Mac and it does work, but I never felt like it was all that SMART. A friend of mine recently brought her Mac over because it was “stuck” in a loop of thought and wouldn’t progress forward. I had to jump through so many hoops doing things I felt it should have done from the get go! Windows had its own quirks and issues too, especially Windows XP. But it’s gotten smarter and now I really don’t care anymore. The Windows 10 app store is strange and doesn’t always work for everyone. I do like how iPhone user interface is very similar to Mac, makes it really easy for a user to navigate!

But Windows, anything using it is way cheaper. Apple has yet to make anything that is cheap and affordable, whereas Windows is all over the place in price range, and even the cheapest laptops work great. Apple needs to step off their horse and make cheaper products. Anker makes some reasonable products and for reasonable prices, yet Apple doesn’t. And sometimes the lack of quality shows in Apple’s products, their choice in glass for example, when iPhone 5 came out they said this glass is virtually indestructible, nothing will break it, new user walks out and drops it on accident and gets a nice crack tree on the screen. Really?! Anyway, we could circle around Apple and Windows all day long but it really comes down to user preference. I like Windows, it works, and the products using it are more affordable.

Yes I think we are just talking in general, and maybe in terms of accessories that Anker could make for it. I value your opinion. I recently broke my desktop so I took my sisters Mac. My main issue was the price of Apple, but I think it really does depend on the user’s preference. Also, in terms of accessories, I feel like there would be more for desktops. How about you?

You can also get an iMac, a Mac Desktop!