How do I turn off the Liberty Air not using the case

How do you turn off the Liberty Air earbuds without the case? I’d like to not have the case with me, but still be able to turn off the earbuds by tapping or touching the earbuds with my finger.

I believe it is the same for off, but this is from the user manual

Turn On / Off

  1. The earbuds switch on automatically when taken out of the charging case. To manually switch on, tap the multifunction touchpad on both your earbuds once.

In order to turn the liberty air off, you need to tap and hold down the touch button until you hear the power off sound, usually it is 5 to 8 seconds. To turn then back in you repeat the same, touch and hold for 3 to 5 seconds or until it powers back on… The power on would need to be done to both earbuds if you choose to use them together, powering down can be done from one earbud as once they are synced it will turn both off

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That worked. Thanks

I tried but being nothing. I cant turn off manually firmware version is 10:15

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I have the same issue as @sogut01. Was anyone able to find a fix?

I’m having the same issue as well. Just bought the Liberty Air 2’s and the instructions say to hold the button for 8 seconds to turn them off and it doesn’t work. I then went to look at the online instructions and they have nothing about turning them off manually. So maybe this feature was removed for some reason.