How do I side load apps? Netlfix, Amazon

Just got my Capsule II and I am trying hard to figure out how to load Netflix and Amazon. Amazon has an app that might work (this, maybe: if I can find a browser. I tried to see if a browser is available on the Google Store but it won’t load.

Any and all help would be appreciated. I am comfortable with technology but not super knowledgable, so any help is greatly appreciated.

Don’t know Capsule II but know Android.

Enable developer mode in settings.

Then from a PC which has ADB command line then you can adb install - aka sideload.

The hardest part is getting the PC to have device drivers, its super easy from Linux, Windows is much more involved, don’t know how on a Mac.


Thanks. I don’t see how to enable developer mode in the settings (and I have been through them many times trying to trouble shoot). Also, I am a novice to hands-on with digital media- what is adb? I am on PC and am not sure how to adb install from what you said.

Thanks, and sorry I am unsure of a next step.

Google has a lot of your answers.

So I do not own this product but

that enables developer mode. Click repeatedly on build version.

Then with USB debugging enabled then you can use a laptop / PC with ADB.

If you want a step by step guide with everything explained, you really need someone who owns this product to write it.

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