How do I mute my mic when I'm on a Teams call using Soundcore Life Q20

I’m using my Soundcore Life Q20 as bluetooth hands-free headphones connected to my work laptop. We use Microsoft Teams for most of our meetings. When I’m in a call via Teams, I can’t find a way to mute the headphones. The only way I can mute them is manually clicking the mute button in Teams.

Anyone know how I can mute via my headphones?


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Hi @Adam_Wiebe
Great headphones, i have them myself.
I’ve only used for a few calls and recall you can press (just once) the play button to put the call on hold.
I use Teams and not sure of this will work, I’ve got a feeling you’ll have to use the Teams option to mute the call.

Give it a try and let me know if you have any success.

Unfortunately that has not worked for me.

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I have the Soundcore Life Q10 ( and not Q20), there is no option to mute on the headphones itself, but you have to use the “Mute” option on the calling / conference application you use it with! example: Zoom, WebEx, MS teams – use the “Mute” button on this application (Zoom or webex or Teams app you use) directly.

Have tested it and it works for mute.

Yeah, I was hoping to avoid that as I frequently walk around during the calls and would like to be able to mute/unmute as needed and not need to run back to my laptop for those controls.

I have faced this more often and option to overcome is use Mobile app instead of using the laptop and mute it directly on Mobile, comes handy …

Most popular apps - Zoom, WebEx, also Ms Teams are available on Apple Appstore as well as Google Playstore… This is one of the options, if you are walking around.

Another idea is, some of these have Apple Watch integration, you may mute from Apple Watch (tethered to iPhone – in my case)

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Shame @Adam_Wiebe but worth a try.