how do i get to level 7?

hi I was wondering how I can get to level 7 because I am level 1 and I don’t know how to level up and i have been stuck at level 1 for a while

Post and engage with events and topics is the best way…the following gives a good overview of the community and how to boost your experience.

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It’s a slow grind, but it works.

You can buy your way up

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The easiest way is to just show up every day and share a few threads on facebook / twitter - that is worth 10 points a day for two threads. Then some comments in threads as you feel interested, maybe occasionally making some threads if you have something interesting to discuss. It won’t take as long as you think.

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It would take some time but be patient and engage

just takes time and if you want it to be faster do more social media sharing but over all it’s time

I would like to say I’m fairly active and regular on here posting comments and sharing stories all the time on Twitter, even sharing my reviews that I was picked for testing products, and I’m not even close to a 7.

Cool. But you are Level 4 in only 8 months.

To compare your total effort so far



ok, so this thing called “perspective”

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You almost there

I had to sell my liver :joy:
Just be active and engage in the community

Well, i’m only on level 2, but you should just share the threads and do stuff that interest you! Of course, you use your bucks to enter the powerdraw. you can get 15 a day and 25 points a day from commenting a few times!

i swear it was wayy easier to get points on this forum when it started, now its much harder to level up. shame they changed the system but oh well.


Honestly I second that. Got to level 8 in literally no time and didn’t even have to struggle. Now getting to level 9 seems like a mountain because my points aren’t growing as fast.

Edit: Changed the level numbers from 7 to 8 and 8 to 9 because I completely forgot I was on 8 :rofl:

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that is some good advice thanks!

3 years ago it was


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