How do I get the pan & tilt camera to hold still so I can put in a microSD card

It’s not in the manual and I can’t find any option in the app. I don’t want to break it.

Unplug it ??

Does that make sense, tilt it all the way up (I don’t own so I think use the app to tilt it up fully rather than force it???) Then upsidedown and voilà. That how it reads to me, ask the other owner who figured it out in that thread if you’re not sure.

In the eufy app go to the setting for your camera
Go into the Motion Detection Section
There is a toggle switch to enable or disable
Motion Tracking

Toggle that off.
Tilt the camera to expose the SD card slot
Recalibrate the motion and re-enable Motion Tracking

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Good answer. @Charlesisgreat if that works for you then click the solved button next to @Ryuk reply so earns Powerbucks for solving.

The correct answer seems to be to turn the camera OFF in the camera settings. Then it rolls into the position to insert the SD card. That should be in the manual.

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How are the cameras working for you? Would you recommend them? I kinda want to try one out but I have a bunch of a competitor’s cameras

I posted my thoughts in this thread

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Just got my Pan & Tilt in the mail today. Luckily I had a spare microSD card in my pile. Picture is very nice. Haven’t figured out yet if I can use the geofencing of the app to make it so I don’t get notifications on my phone every time I walk thru the room. I’m guessing it doesn’t do that since that seems to be for the base only (which I have but it seems to be separate).

It seems that this is a very difficult bit of critical information to find. I have read the muplitle answers above and I still cannot get the SD slot to appear. The camera will tilt up just enough to see the micro SD symbol but the falls short of the slot. I have tried:

Unplugging it, the camera did not automatically tilt all the way up because there is not power.
I have tried to turn off the motion detecting, this does not increase the tilt up to reveal the SD slot.
I have tilted the camera all the way up in live view and the slot still does not reveal itself.
There is no “OFF” button in the settings that I can find. If there is please let me know.

I would imagine that this basic bit of important information should be included in the instructions-seems like a no brainer.

By the way, this unit is brand new in a factory sealed box purchased at Best Buy two days ago. Could my unit be defective?

Any help is greatly appreciated.