How do I clime ranks in anker?

I know that when I clime a rank I get 300 power bucks I need that because right now I am low on power bucks, how do I get the next rank quick?.
Be active


Get involved and be active in the community.

There are occasional competitions in which the prizes include bucks.


Check out the links that @k_pug2003 listed. Just don’t spam the community. We don’t like that and you will get banned.

Its easy to gain points. Just get involved and provide active content related to the forums and you will get points.


being an active member! :blush:

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I always love these types of post, because if your active and contribute then you will see your points accumulate without even thinking about it. But if you sit there and harp on how many points you have you will always be looking for ways to increase it and it will take even longer.

Just be proactive within the community, post reviews, learn about the brand and products so when someone ask about it you can answer, and then your points and level will soar…