How do I charge my PowerCore Metro Essential 20000

I just bought a PowerCore Metro Essential 20000 portable charger. There was no manual in the box. I found the manual on Anker’s website but the documentation was kind of confusing. The device came with a USB to USB-C cable, which I assume is for charging the portable charger itself. What are the steps for charging the Powercore? Do I have to hit the power button until a certain color light comes on in order for it to charge, or does it charge automatically when plugged in, when there are no lights on the power button? Thank you.

Is it is a USB-A to USB-C cable or a USB-C to USB-C cable.

What is the product code exactly? If it’s literally an Essential 20000 then you’d need a 2A 5V 10W input. If its the Essential 20000 PD then you need a 2A 9V 10W USB-PD input.

Do not press any buttons, ensure all lights are off before plugging in to recharge it.

If it is the above you’d use a 2A 5V 10W input either MicroB or USB-C

If it’s the above you’d use a USB-C to USB-C cable from a USB PD 18W 9V 2A charger,

I can’t find a Metro Essential 20000 on Anker’s site, I think it’s one unique in certain shops / countries with a cosmetic difference from the Essential 20000

I can find a review however

Makes it look just a cosmetic version of the Essential 20000 which means a 2A 5V 10W MicroB or C from A or C port.