How do I charge my powerbank?

I have bought an Anker Powerbank - PowerCore 11n Slim 10000using the provided cord, Uptil now,
It has been great to recharge my iphone 6S over the last week. However, now it is not recharging my iphone or my ipad.
I have plugged it into my computer using the provided cord and only the first light is flashing and the iphone is not recharging, neither is the ipad and the powerbank is still flashing the first light.
Can anyone help?
Thanks in advance.


Powerbanks are used separately from a usb plug. You charge them up, and then, when you don’t have your laptop, you can use them to charge your phone. When you plug it in, and the first light flashes, it means it’s charging. Over time, the second, third, and fourth lights started flashing, and then they will turn off when it’s fully charged. Then, if you unplug it, and it has to be unplugged, then you can charge your phone and iPad. If the light flashes when it’s unplugged, it means it’s dead, or very close, at that time, you want to plug it in. Hope I helped!


Please use a separate powerbirck to charge this power bank. A computers port will provide a very minimal charge and take a really long time to fully charge the power bank. Also, you cannot charge the power bank and your phone at the same time.

When you plug the power bank in, the lights will flash on and off to let you know it is charging, as it becomes charged the light will turn solid and continue on until the baterypack is fully charged.

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Your not using the wrong hole? Nothing worse hahaha

If charging light is coming on, then your plugging into the wrong hole, which would explain the brick charging but phone not charging.

Also make sure, the source charging the brick is strong enough. Plus, check, no kinks/nips in wire, and no shit in ports (any of the them… Brick, phone, charge source)… It happens.

If swapping leads work, then it’s the lead.
No different, then could be brick… Try a different power source with both leads.

Still no joy, then defo the brick.

Always check systematically, and you’ll find where the fault lies.

What @elmo41683 said. :sunglasses:

You can use any of Ankers power port wall chargers to charge the power bank. If I notice that my anker powercore II 20000 is getting low on juice I will usually leave it plugged into the wall for 12 hrs up to 24 depending upon how badly I need it. Also keep in mind that over time the powerbank will lose charge from not being used. Hope that helps.