How do I actually use my anker 10000 pd redux

Apologies this has probably been asked already but I can’t see a search bar for the forum.

so I’ve just got an anker 10000 pd redux to use as a supplementary power supply for a, oculus quest and I was hoping someone could explain how I charge it and how I charge things using it.

Maybe I’m having a senior moment but I just can’t understand the user manual.

The piece of paper that comes with the product laughably called a manual, is completely useless to me, as I don’t know what the diagrams are supposed to mean.

Assume I know nothing about the product but I just want to understand the basics like

can I use either port to charge the battery? I gather to charge it using the PD port I need some special charging wall socket but I aren’t fussed for that as I’ll probably just leave it charging overnight.

How do I know when the battery is charging. How do I know when its finished charging.

Can I use either port to charge things using the battery

what does the button do on the battery.

There’s a light that comes on when I push the button what does it mean when its blue/green (receiving a charge and charging a device I’m guessing but I’m not sure)




There are 2 ports.
(1) The USB-A (bigger port) is used to charge other devices only. If you have an iPhone, then you plug the USB-A end of the lightning cable into the battery pack and the lightning end into your iPhone. If you have an Android phone with USB-C, and you have a USB-A to USB-C cable, then you plug the USB-A end into the battery pack and USB-C end into your phone. If you have a device that charges with micro-USB, then … you get the idea.
(2) The USB-C (smaller port) is used to both charge this battery pack and to charge other devices. This battery pack should come with a USB-C to USB-C cable, so you can use this to charge your USB-C devices. This port is capable of PD (power delivery) which basically means super high speed charging. To charge this battery pack, you will need a power adapter (something like this), and you can use the included USB-C cable.

Blue light. It tells you how much charge is left in the battery. Each dot is approximately 25%.

Green light. If you hold down the button, the light turns green. That’s trickle charge mode. It will charge devices slowly. Great for charging smartwatches or wireless earbuds.

Hope this helps.


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