How do I access my eufy camera from anywhere?

Hi, very pleased with my eufy cam e. However I want to know, how I can monitor the house, view footage, when I am away from the house perhaps even overseas. The product is marketed that I can view from anywhere? Yet I have tried to view, when I am a town away, & it won’t allow me. I am in the UK, so if anyone from UK can help, this would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

Have you got mobile data turned on on your phone?

@Cedar You can view your cameras via the Eufy Security app or via the Eufy website

Both would require Internet / mobile data access.

You should just be able to use the Eufy phone app anywhere, assuming you have mobile data. I live in the UK. I got an alert whilst on a ski chairlift in Austria and was able to see and to speak to the delivery man very clearly. I could also view stored footage.
Overall very happy with my Eufy 2Cs.