How can we benefit from renewable energy?

So I came across this Article that states wind and solar farms can hypothetically create it’s own weather. After reading it, I did some research on the subject matter and found it’s entirely plausible.

There have been minor changes in weather where solar farms have been installed, and same for wind farms. The problem is it happens on such a minute scale that no one really notices, except scientist and those who research these changes. Now that solar is becoming a major energy source for a lot of places, they see adding wind farms as an added benefit to help shape and bring new life to areas that were not sustainable before.

I personally think we should have done this a long time ago, we know wind farms can shape the temperature of the area they are installed and now when combined with solar panels…that generate a ton of heat in the surrounding areas, we can create ideal conditions for plant life and even wildlife in areas such as deserts. We already benefit from renewable energy but by combining them we can vastly improve how we benefit from it.

What do you guys think of this? Is this something you would like to see happen on an even grander scale or would you prefer to just keep things as it is? Let’s discuss this and see if there are other ways we can make this feasible or benefit from it.


I was one of the first who was installing a thermal solar system on our roof 20 years ago here in the neighborhood.
We bought our house with an old oil heating system.
So I got crazy in summer, when this inefficient system started to heat water for showers etc.

All my friends thought, I was a fool using this “new” technique:
Removing the oil heating, installing a natural gas condensing boiler system and the thermal solar instead of.

I dont know If I have saved money, but I had and still have a good feeling. :grin:
And the system is working properly after this long time of use!


We know enough already to solve 90% of known problems.

At the human level, 90% of causes of death can be avoided via access to food, water, energy which cost little. In the West it involves replacement of cars with walking/cycling, reduced excess.

Energy comes in abundance from the sun, there are large sparsely populated areas with lots of sunshine.

Good question. I don’t doubt it affects the weather! :grin::relaxed:

A friend of mine in Charlestown IL, has solar panels. She said it’s made a huge difference to her bills.

Plus Anker could get involved more in their current line-up of products… Solar charging indirect (solar mat) or direct (built in). With their battery know how, creating powerbanks with built-in solar charge… Other have been doing this for years.

Camping solar mats have also been around for a while (and Anker do 2). Although the camping varients are weather proof, and will hang on your rucksack.

This tech has been around and is old-school and very expensive for anything decent. @AnkerOfficial surely you can bring fresh air to this?

Plus, there is that item which is a spkr, light, powerbank, that was shared recently… Such a great example.

A lot of people are taking up, going back to camping, trekking etc for exercise.n fresh air. No reason not to do a water charger, using a propellor device to charge items while set up for the night. Not even wind powered night light, plis with modern LEDs don’t need more than a fart to get a decent light effect, maybe even charge a powerbank overnight.

There’re so many inspirations that we can take up. I will definitely forward your guys’ thoughts and suggestions to our product developing team. :wink:

What makes things even better now is that solar panels have just taken a huge step forward in the cost savings department. Now they can print solar panels onto thin plastic films instead of the huge bulky glass substrates, this all method allows the panels to be flexible and can be placed almost anywhere.

If this new method can become widely adopted and manufactured I dont see why we wouldnt use it everywhere. Cheap and reliable usually dont go hand in hand, but it can when it comes to renewable energy.

Printed solar panels

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I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this idea before but storing excess energy in the form of HHO hydrogen and oxygen gas from any renewable energy source by the process of electrolysis running a current through water with an electrolyte like seawater would be a game changer in my opinion. Dangerous think Hindenburg but highly doable and will get us through days without sun or wind.

It’s not hypothetical Forests are known to create their own weather systems. Same concept.

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Oh trust me I know, I was just posting what the article said

Okay I’m going to sound like a hippie right now but I really think hemp should be planted worldwide to suck carbon out of the atmosphere and lock it in plants it would have the added benefit of producing more rainfall and freshwater which we are quickly depleting.

I had no idea until recently that the entire population of the Earth shares just 2% or less of all the water on the planet the other 98% being seawater. I think the actual numbers are closer to 1% freshwater and 99% sea water😱

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