How can I be sure that someone isn't logged into my account?

Hi! I recently had a home invasion where my new cameras worked spectacularly! The police were called and the perpetrators were caught!

However, they gained access to my PC along with my password manager. There is a possibility that they have logged into my account somehow and I am extremely paranoid that they could be watching me through my own cameras.

They likely also had access to my email, which was linked to 2FA. I have changed the password, and checked the account and it does not appear that anyone else is linked. How can I be sure, though?

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I guess if you e changed the password to the account all should be fine @_raydeStar :+1:t2:

If you are super paranoid even after changing the password and checking activity, the last thing you could really do easily is delete the account and start over. It is more of a scorched earth method, but it is a good one if you lost faith in your account.

So there’s multiple risks if they had access to your PC.

So when you say “linked” do you have the ability in your email service to logout from all logged in?

For example Google and its mail has

You can then logout from all devices and force then to login in with your changed password. Simply changing password doesn’t necessarily logout devices.


Your PC, are you sure it has an active antivirus and malware security software? For example if I wanted to access your account even when you changed your password, I’d put a keylogger software on your PC and then see your changed password as you typed it.

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Log out of the old account and create a new one