Hotels - Potential Business Strategy for Anker

What are the necessary steps to become a supplier of power products for hotel rooms?

I honestly think Anker would make a killing being a supplier of power products and chargers for hotels. Most of the time when I travel they have some off-brand two plug USB A that outputs maybe 1A, or they have a simple wall plug adapters that can barely hold the power prongs due to prolonged usage. It would be nice having peace of mind seeing quality products inside these rooms and especially now with the myriad of different devices that people have all requiring more and more power. Seeing a 40W Powerport or something with Qualcomm fast charge would be truly welcome. (Maybe even fancy places could have some PowerWaves.)

While all travelers and hotels may not appreciate this, I know that the younger, more techy traveler, would surely appreciate this, and then I wouldn’t have to take my stuff with me when I travel!

Is there even interest in seeing this or does everybody travel with their gear because they expect the hotels to be inadequately equipped?


Anker has the power strips. They just need to add a wall outlets with USB ports.

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This and similar ideas like USB on trains comes up.

The main problem is that the technology outpaces the business assumed longevity. Hotels modernize of the order of many years, so for most your idea’s existence it would appear old or obsolete anyway. High turnover areas like say commercial aircraft may be more practical.

That problem you described of only 1A, if Anker supplied current tech they’d only sell a 30W and then users complain it is only 30W when they want 100W. Someone with a Mac would complain.

What hotels did was just offer a basic common USB and if you want more you use the power socket right there.

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Nice idea.
As far these chargers are really fix installed and can not be "removed":roll_eyes:
Or the guest might rent a charger if needed at the reception.Think this is possible in many hotels nowadays.

What more can be done is to offer chargers with this most modern USB-3 technique, including cables.
Need to be done with some kind of deposit of course.

Another thing could be the little portable charger station for students. I they had it in Seattle. I think schools would be a good idea just to get students used to the brand and many students change their room after one period. So they have no option to use the power outlet or just a bad position (in the middle of the room)

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Yea, obviously something would need to be done in order to protect against theft in terms of a more "fixed option’ (though I do see some of the larger power bases at some hotels near the bedside and they aren’t fixed), and @nigelhealy turn-over of the tech may be a severely limiting factor as well.
@Kopra_12 Do you have any photos of the thing in Seattle?

It was called AnkerBox but it seemed that they shut it down.

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I stayed at a Radison Blue hotel in Cardiff the other week and they had 4 USB ports by the side of the bed. Plus 2 more over by the TV plus sockets if you had your own chargers. I felt very spoilt lol

I take my 5 Port whenever I stay away somewhere because you can’t rely on anyone else. Plus a few batteries, just in case.


I think ALL of us will never start any vacation without our beloved chargers.
6 outputs are always fine for the whole gang.

The charging station is installed at a certain place
in the houses we usual rent.

And my lucky (old) kids where gifted ANKER chargers from their more than grey old pa.
So they are getting more and more independent now from their parents :grin:

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Some buses in Bristol have usb charge points by each seat… Output unknown.

Sadly tho, it’s only car drivers who get this facility, as it’s in the park n ride services. Us normal bus users (known locally as… Bus wankers? Don’t.know why) do t get this extra. It’s also on the fleet of airport buses (varying parts of the city to the airport) which I do think is a good idea, due to the… Your device needs to turn on, TSA rule.

The local coach company has usb ports in their coaches for coach trips/excursions.

As far as travellodges etc, I don’t know.

The local in town mall, has a charge bin… A cabinet with several small lockers, it’s free to use, to charge.your phone… Place an£1 coin to lock the locker (like the lockers in a swimming baths). So if shopping or eating at the food court, you.may not need your phone for an hour!

IF I am wandering into an unknown power availability area such as unknown power access then I just carry the appropriate Powercore and Powerport to match my devices. I believe this is the primary and most popular use case of why buy Anker.

If I’m entering an unknown needing to operate larger devices then I have the 26800mAh. Most times 10000mAh is enough. 26800 lasts a few days and recharges in 6 hours so just need some hours eventually next to a wall socket every few days.

What a known hotel with known power sockets does for me is allow me to lighten my load. A Powerport5 with a long power cord can become a smaller Powerport4 to plug by bed. Known USB ports shrinks me to a Powerport2. Frequent access shrinks 26800 to 10000 to 6700 to 5000…

I also would not trust a hotel to fully function, you’re checked into a full hotel, the USB sockets not working… tough… wait til next day for an engineer…

I think the use case is basically advertising we spend $40 on Powercore+Powerport so we’re not vulnerable?

AnkerBox is very popular in China now! If you visit China, you will find almost every good restaurants use our products for satisfying customers need!:grin:


Ah okay if tried to reach and it didn’t really work. Do you think you are going to expand it?

At the beginning, we promoted this product in Seattle, but consumers feedback not very good. But in China, it is very popular. So at present, the main market for this product will be in China.:innocent:

I would imagine theft is a concern…unless each charger has a built-in proximity sensor w/alarm?

I always take my Anker PowerPort 5 with me when I travel. The long cord comes in handy for those hotels that hide the power outlet behind an unmovable desk. :angry:


At least with the Anker Box, they just bill you for the portable battery if you want to keep it.
Hotels have recourse on theft as well, they could simply bill it to the room.

crappiest hotels I take a 12 ft extension cord due the power being in some place which made sense 20 years ago when the only electrical thing was the room cleaner’s vacuum.

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Would be nice but there is just too much liability, cost, worker training, and if it’s a franchise it will have to be the same in all hotel. Although I saw one at J. Paul Getty Museum where you can charge your phone but your require to enter pin i think to lock it like locker style which I find kinda cool. But they have it by the coats and bags area so there is always some one there and it’s right in front of them.