Horizontal/Vertical Wall Plug Angles

Is there a mechanical reason why wall chargers cannot have a 90 degree swivel to allow either a horizontal or vertical orientation? I know depending on surge protector that I am using sometimes one orientation is more useful than the other.

Is there an overall consensus about the orientation that people prefer in general?

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I can think of two good reasons.

Reliability. Moving parts fail.

Performance. Moving parts means resistance means heat lost internally.


One more reason- if you had a rather heavy wall charger (e.g. the Fusion 5000) and it was rotated horizontally, if would put more stress on the outlet, making the charger more likely to fall out and more likely to damage the outlet.

Hi @Games2263, it is a good idea! You know, design a product like a journey, we always upgrade our product per client’s voice and preference, and we’ve kept your feedback on file for future new product design. Of course, we need to evaluate the feasibility of this idea, including impact on product volume, safety performance. Thanks~