Honor Roll = Power User

@AnkerOfficial and everyone who is a part of the honor roll, I think it would be super cool if we were rewarded from being active members of the forum by getting an invitation to join the Power User program. We devote so much of our time to help out this community. I also think it would be a cool way to encourage activity. Perhaps something like the top 10 contributors get to join and it’s up to @AnkerOfficial 's discretion (to eliminate spam posts). What do you guys think? I would love to be a Power User, and think that everyone, especially @nigelhealy deserves to test samples. We’d be helping Anker out more!

I hope you consider this suggestion @AnkerOfficial! I would love it! Thank you!

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i dont think they have the poweruser program anymore. now it is anker influencers

I’d rather influence upstream before products final. I’m more interested in function, others more in form. Function is fixed earlier and form is later.

E.g. I could help with better solar panels.

The influencere program is for final product to get reviews into the wild.

I’m more interested in before product is final, or help prioritize function.

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A few days ago, I messaged them that request.

Anker does a lot for their fans!

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Thanks @joshuad11 @nigelhealy, I’ll keep an eye out for the Power User program, any good news coming out I will let you know.:grin:

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Not another ‘Power User’ thread :rolling_eyes:

Firstly, of the 10 listed on the ‘honor role’ list by Anker, seven are listed as active Power User members and five were on the winners list, so not much of a selling point.

Secondly, to all intents and purposes the ‘Power User’ program is an inactive service (unless Anker has done a recent reversal from past post’s) and has been replaced either by the Anker influencers (for final product reviews) or direct offer’s from Anker to community members (for products in final stages before release)

I can see why in many ways the ‘Power User’ program was watered down as offering samples, on mass, often encourages favorable reviews out of the fear that future items will not be offered. This in the long run doesn’t help with spreading your brand or getting valuable feedback for future product revisions…

Just my two cents…


True, what about what @nigelhealy said: testing products for them before their launch. We should have proved ourselves trustworthy.

I think it’s more than just a case of just trustworthiness (legal and non-disclosure aspects come to mind taking into account @nigelhealy suggestion of testing before product is final / development stages)

I personally believe it’s a selection process that should be decided at Anker’s discretion…rather than from generating community opinion to be put on a list, that’s all…

Do you know how many PowerUser Anker has?

I can understand, why the PowerUser Position is only for “special” persons. But it would be nice to have a number of PowerUser or an overview.

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I agree with you.

Only @AnkerOfficial would know the exact number of powers users before the program was made inactive on the whole. However, from the average amount of reviews that were on Amazon and the previous ability to register to be one, I would estimate in the hundreds, if not thousands over the different territories covered…

I prefer quality to quantity. When the Poweruser program was in its hey day, you could see dozens per-Anker item of frankly worseless reviews, they appeared to be just there to make a mathematically higher average score. Only a very few of the reviews gave me insight to make a judgement.

Going forward, I need neutral balanced insightful reviews off of which i can make personal judgement decisions.

So for me, precision of:

  • size (actual measured)
  • weight (actual measured)
  • performance (metered not just “it charged my phone quick”).
  • good features
  • bad features, nits, product weakness.

Anker’s own material is also woefully lacking, on Anker’s site there is often no real meaningful specifications, it is often hard to know Amps, Volts. Anker’s own site often materially disagrees with the Amazon specificiations, the usual error being size and weight.

Until I see some decent quality reviews, I am forced to wait. I am pretty sure most Amazon purchases are made on just seeing a near-5 score with dozens of votes, so the old program mass volume discount I’m sure worked. It never worked in my case.

If Anker wanted to help, then precision, detail, and accuracy to truth on anker.com would go a long way.

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Well Power User is back. None of the offerings are useful for me at the moment since it’s screen protectors and device specific stuff which I don’t have a need for.

I applied for and rejected, not upset, as there is barely anything there I want not would ever buy (as you say its for weird things like iphones which I never own)

Funny, on some reviews on Amazon I included all of them yet still could take a hammering from user votes, just because it was a sample.

Nature of the beast, many people given samples are just so happy to have a freebie they will give top marks even if it falls short, just out of fear of either being booted off the PU program or not being given future samples. I once gave either 2 or 3 stars to an Anker product once on Amazon and was doing tennis emails back and forth with Anker as to why…

I wouldn’t take it too hard, took me three attempts over a year ago. You could still possibly be offered items direct by Anker based on forum reviews / insight…you never know

Happy to help, but it needs to be items I’d use in anger to really stress them. Lots of Anker products simply don’t apply in my case. Best way is to see a list of items and request then I can only request that which I will actually use. Every single time I’ve looked in PowerUser program, there’s nothing there worthwhile for me to test.

Some items specifically cannot form a valid opinion for some months, screen protectors durability for example, unless you have specific tools to accelerate wear (like jerryrig does with scratch test tools).

To do a decent video review, one needs a decent camera where you can control the focus, with decent microphone in decent quiet room, I don’t own. So I’m saying I’m not really set up for quality audio visual review, but I can do basic photos and form a valid opinion if the product overlapped my need.

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Did they offer a reason for rejection?